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May 22, 2019

On 22th May 2019 opened the Autopromotec fair in Bologna, Italy. As a major even on the Italian automotive market, this was a great opportunity to promote the Bendix brand. Since MAT Holdings Inc. was awarded the Bendix Brakes License for EU by Garrett in 2017, the Italian market was one of the priorities to re-vamp the Bendix brand.

To address the fourth market of Western Europe in terms of car park (after Germany, France and UK), MAT joined forces with S.I.R.A.L. Spa, an established Italian company based in Nola, South of Italy. S.I.R.A.L. core activity is the production and distribution of lubricants, including brake fluids, engine oil, transmission fluids and grease.

Appointed as official manufacturer for Bendix brake fluids, S.I.R.AL. has also been named exclusive Bendix Brakes distributor for Italy, end of 2017, with the common objective of using their existing position in Italy to grow sales of braking products.

After a smooth start in 2018, S.I.R.A.L. has geared up in 2019 with strong expectations and put in place a dedicated team highly committed to the brand as shown during the Autopromotec fair, which gives MAT an optimistic view for the future.

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