Bendix Brake Program gets revamped

Bendix Revamped Program

MAT Holdings, Inc. has completely overhauled the Bendix® line of brakes. Stop by Bendix™ is the premium complete offering of brake pads, discs and drums that covers 99% of vehicles in North America. Bendix® Fleet MetLok® is the severe duty line of brake pads and discs designed specifically for the applications like towing, heavy hauling and frequent stopping. The line also offers coverage for pursuit vehicles providing them with excellent performance and noise-free operation. The Bendix® Premium line is an innovative brake offering that uses 100% copper-free* friction formulations with comprehensive coverage for late model vehicles. Bendix® Premium Brake Discs also deliver an efficient solution to the installer - they will be sold in pairs (packaging in pairs will be available where weight doesn't exceed 35 lbs.). These brake discs are backed by MAT's decades of engineering and manufacturing expertise, and the reputation for developing exceptional quality products. The Bendix® line will also include premium copper-free* brake shoes and brake shoe kits. The brake shoes will provide superior coverage and brake shoe kits are fully assembled to save up to 50% on mounting time.

Bendix Brakes introduce brake shoe kits

Brake Shoe Kits

As part of the innovative approach that MAT Holdings, Inc. is driving with the Bendix brand, brake shoes are now going to be available as kits on certain applications. The Bendix Premium Brake Shoe Kit is part of the copper-free* line of Bendix brakes. It includes all the necessary components for brake shoe replacement such as shoes, retention springs, levers, wheel cylinders and hardware. Right now, the line includes 11 part numbers which cover popular applications like Chevrolet Silverado, Ford Taurus and Chrysler Town & Country. The plan is to expand the coverage.

Bendix® Disc Pad Program Adds 70 New Part Numbers

November 04, 2014

MAT Holdings Inc., announces its Bendix® disc pad brake program has been extended to include 70 new part numbers for 2015 that will provide coverage for an additional 393 late-model applications including 2015 vehicles.


* Compliant with the proposed California and Washington copper reduction legislation (SB346 and SB6557).

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