The success of the Bendix® brand has been marked by a long list of major product contributions to the automotive, aviation, aerospace and transportation industries for nearly a century. With brakes on cars, buses, trucks, trailers, airplanes, golf carts, farm and construction equipment - and even bicycles, Bendix is one of the best-known names in the transportation industry.

Adding our expertise in the braking industry, MAT Holdings continues the Bendix tradition of introducing new brake products that are welcomed by drivers, professional mechanics and car enthusiasts.


MAT Holdings, Inc. - MAT Automotive Braking Group is a leading global manufacturer of automotive braking components supplying vehicle manufacturers, motor racing customers and leading brands in the aftermarket. Since 1926, we have leveraged years of international brake system engineering expertise, technology, and state of the art manufacturing facilities to produce premium brake products for the marketplace. We are committed to driving continuous innovation and produce to the highest quality standards. We are proud to continue the Bendix legacy.

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Illinois-born Vincent Bendix moved to New York to study engineering. His interest was in automobile and automobile engine design.


Bendix together with his colleague from Holsman, O.M. Delauney, established the Bendix Company where they started the development and production of Bendix branded buggies.


Bendix applied and later won a patent on a mechanically operated starter drive. In 1914, the Chevrolet "Baby Grand" was the first car to have the Bendix starter. It didn't take long before the device became standard on all cars.


Bendix met the French automotive engineer Henri Perrot at a European auto show. Perrot had designed and patented an automotive braking system using four-wheel replaceable shoes, at the time when two-wheel brakes were still the industry standard. Bendix struck a deal to manufacture the Perrot system in the US under license.


Vincent Bendix establishes and leads various automotive and instrument companies.


During World War II, Bendix branched out into aviation and founded the Bendix Helicopter Company before he died of a heart attack in 1945. The majority of Bendix Corporation shares were sold to General Motors.


The Bendix Corporation introduced a power brake system that evolved into the Master Vac Brake system still used in many American cars. Bendix pioneered the development of power steering, which came into widespread use in cars and trucks.


The first semi-metallic disc pads were invented.


The Bendix Corporation consisted of 32 operating units with 50,000 employees. The military and commercial activities were separated in 1961 with the establishment of two divisions - Automotive and Aerospace. Bendix firsts in the automotive brake field included the Duo-Serve brake, a type which has been the standard in the industry for more than 35 years; the first caliper disc brakes used on a production American built cars; the split hydraulic system, which is standard equipment on all passenger cars; and Hydrovac power brakes, which have been used on more trucks than any other type of power brake. By the end of the 1960's, Bendix had spanned the globe with a strong foothold in international business. The Corporation had increased export sales and licensing agreements, expanded local manufacturing by overseas affiliates and increased the capacity of plants in Western Europe.


Bendix reached a milestone when the 200th million automotive brakes came off the line in South Bend. Bendix was recognized as the producer of more brakes for more kinds of vehicles than any other producer in the world.


First four wheel ABS system used in the U.S.


The Bendix Corporation became part of AlliedSignal, which in turn became Honeywell Corporation in 1999.


Bendix Brakes added various product lines to their family of friction offering including Bendix Fleet MetLok®, TitaniuMetallic®, Bendix IQ™, Bendix SUV™.


Bendix Brakes introduced next generation Bendix TitaniuMetallic®II semi-met brake pads, and newest ceramic brake pads Bendix® CT-3® and Bendix CQ®.


Bendix launches Stop by Honeywell and Bendix POLICE.


Honeywell granted MAT Holdings, Inc. an exclusive license for the use of the Bendix® trademark on automotive braking products to be sold in the United States.


MAT Holdings, Inc. introduces a revamped Bendix brake program.


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